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5 Things to Geek About - 8/1/2014

Posted on August 1, 2014 by Tao There have been 0 comments

Alright, here's this week's 5 things that I enjoyed geeking about:

1.   4 Ways to Keep Yourself Using a Public Wifi Hotspot

Aeryn's post is informative and about as complicated as I want to get.  Some of it  seems like common sense (keep your Wifi off if you don't need it!) but how many of us bother eh? I know I always forget to turn it off my smartphone when I leave the house, when I really shouldn't.   Good post, I'll have to look into some of it further for sure.

2. Canadian Geek Bands

Canadian Geek Bands - well, I wish they'd add some locators to the front page so I could check if there were any near me in Vancouver, but the idea is cool.  Also, geeky music!

3. A Free Book - Based on GenCon

Via the author himself, Matt Forbeck; it's a free book based around GenCon and you get a chance to win tickets to the event itself. How cool is that.

Via: Geekdad

4. An Agent Carter Video Interview

Have I mentioned how much I enjoyed the Agent Carter short and how much I'm looking forward to it? Well, I am and this interview just made me even more excited.  I seriously can't wait to see it.

5. Doctor Who Screen Time Chart

Lots of Doctors, lots of deaths.  Ever wondered what it looked like? Wonder no more with this handy infographic.

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