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Geek Shows Shot in Vancouver - Updated!

We've updated our infographic of Vancouver shooting locations to include filming sites for the hit series Continuum and Once Upon a Time.

Geek Shows Shot in Vancouver (Updated!) Geek Shows Shot in Vancouver (Updated!)

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5 thoughts on “Geek Shows Shot in Vancouver - Updated!”

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  • paul schellenberg
    paul schellenberg April 13, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    thanks for putting this together. of course trying to keep this up-to-date is pretty hard but I noticed that you don't have the sci-fi series Primeval (the Vancouver shot version), or Almost Human (on Fox) which were shot all over the city. I also notice that you don't have the Moshe Safdie designed Central Library, Chinatown (Almost Human; Fringe; Falling Skies installed a "New York City Queens Chinatown" garden/market set in front of the famous Dr. Sun Yat-sen Garden entrance for a few weeks) or neighboring Strathcona listed either. I have seen more than 5 shows shoot there, ranging from Fringe to Falling Skies to Arrow.

    As well, the stadium pic you have on the chart is completely outdated since it now looks quite different with its new roof and renos (as seen in Almost Human and other episodes of shows). Glad to send you an updated pic.

    • Tao

      Oooh, an updated pic would be nice.

      It is a bit hard to fit all the locations in, we tried to go for the one's that showed up the most while also spreading it out across the lower mainland to give a good representation. On the next update, we'll definitely look at this new information too!

  • anakin

    Babylon 5 was also shot in vancouver

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